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What makes us unique,

  • The flow domain (in 3-D a volume, in 2-D an area) is meshfree and will be filled with finite points automatically

  • In case of 3-D the simulation needs only faces as border of the flow domain and in case of 2-D only edges have to be considered

  • The solution method used is fully developed and provides results with tested quality and robustness

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which advantages that entails

  • The necessary time for building the computer model is reduced dramatically

  • If moving parts or borders or free surfaces are considered, the computation time is reduced crucial in comparison to all classical CFD methods

  • Parametrical studies are easy and can be done without any remeshing

  • Geometrical studies are possible without any remeshing and the geometry can be imported from any CAD system

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... and what is your benefit

  • You get solutions,
    where others must give up

  • You shorten your development times and accelerate your process flows

  • You create process knowledge and
    train your staff

  • You reduce your costs permanently

  • You increase your product quality and give feedback to your customers using simulation results

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Welcome to NOGRID!

Do you want to use the latest and most professional software in the field of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)? Maybe you are thinking about outsourcing a project in the area of simulation of flows? Then you are in the right place here.

NOGRID is a young and dynamic software house that was founded in 2006. We are successful with professional and unique simulation software and with reliable and perfect support and service.

Increase your added value and secure your competitive advantage!

Thinking CFD? Think NOGRID !